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I am a recent graduate of Pittsburgh Technical College in Multimedia Technology with a major in Video Production and am now actively pursuing entry-level employment as an Assistant Photographer/Videographer and am open to relocating! I adore being on my feet, getting to know people, and love working on a team.
Speaking of teamwork, check out this reference from Lauren Zito, the Department Chair of our Multimedia Department.
During my time at PTC, the majority of which took place during COVID (talk about working under pressure), we were given the opportunity to work in many areas: audio, camera (both still and video), lighting, editing, live production, storyboard/writing, etc. - oftentimes having to do so remotely and without full equipment, due to the pandemic.  My reel showcases brief examples of: 

~ Interview and commercial projects from school
~ Documentary footage from my internship at Human City Creative where I served in several production capacities
~ Photography (people, pets, nature - you name it, I’ll capture it!)
~ And even a bonus audio project where the lead is played by one of my favorite professors, Bryan Chemini

I came away from my time at PTC with a love for PHOTOGRAPHY, specifically - and have been doing freelance work capturing moments both on video and via still photography for various small business social media pages, and LIVE PRODUCTION, specifically, because it allows me to be on my feet. I love to keep moving. My ultimate goal is to be behind the camera, either shooting the main action or secondary b-roll - whether that be video or stills. 
I am interested in finding a production opportunity where I can continue improving upon the initial skills PTC gave me, add to my reel, and take those first steps outside of the classroom.
Maybe even take a look and follow my Instagram page where I routinely post new photos. 
I'm ready to work!
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